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Uncategorized Drones Deliver Meals to Hurricane-Impacted Floridians

Zing, A2Z, and Skyway collaborate on Sanibel Island mission

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, which devastated the state in late September and early October, residents of Sanibel Island were left stranded with limited access to the mainland. The lone access point, the Sanibel Causeway bridge, was destroyed and residents were only able to access the mainland via occasional helicopter or barge deliveries of supplies. However, a trio of drone delivery companies, Zing Drone Solutions, A2Z Drone Delivery, and Skyway, have stepped in to provide relief.

Last week, Zing partnered with A2Z and Skyway to deliver on-demand meals from the World Central Kitchen to residents on the island. The mission, which ran over the weekend and concluded on Monday, was a success and provided much-needed assistance to residents who were struggling to access resources.

“Hearing about people stranded on the island with limited access to resources made us realize there is an opportunity for our companies to help out by providing an expedited drone delivery service,” said Ian Annase, CEO of Zing.

The A2Z team quickly shipped its drone from California and flew to Zing’s headquarters to run tests. The following week, Skyway arrived on nearby Pine Island to monitor the airspace.

Using A2Z’s second-generation rapid delivery system (RDS2), the drones were able to make deliveries from about 100 feet up, ensuring safety and privacy. The RDS2 is a winch-and-tether system that can be retrofitted to other drones and carry up to 22 pounds, allowing for multiple meals to be delivered at once.

The missions conducted by Zing, A2Z, and Skyway demonstrate how drones can be effective tools in disaster relief efforts, especially in hard-to-reach places.

Read the full press release written by Jack Daleo by clicking here.

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