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Press Releases New Partnership: Transoft Solutions

Tired of us announcing partnerships yet? We’re just getting started. As we continue to develop our services, we are equally focused on developing our worldwide influence by making connections with other brilliant innovators. The only way to move our industry forward is to network and accomplish things as one big team. Our goal is to create that network to ensure the UAM/UTM markets reach their full potential within the next decade. As put so eloquently by the classic masterpiece High School Musical, we’re all in this together.



So, who’s the latest addition to the Drone Justice League? Meet Transoft Solutions, key developers of advanced and highly specialized software solutions for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation, and operational professionals. Focused on the emerging EVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft, we will be working with Transoft to create advanced vertiport planning methods to mold the tools needed for creative development. This will provide industry professionals the ability to accurately create, design, and simulate future vertiport master plans.

What do all those words mean? Just that this partnership is critical for the progressive innovation of vertiport infrastructure.


Empowering the next generation vertiport planners with the tools needed to scale vertiport operations will pave the way for investments into the infrastructure that will benefit all UAM stakeholders. – Clifford Cruz, Skyway CEO


As vertiport infrastructure development is poised to be one of the hottest real estate plays in aviation history, understanding the scalable throughput of flight operations will be key in the decision-making process. Our collaboration with Transoft will help the industry understand the possibilities of designing a veriport along with the tools required to be successful.

Transoft is known globally for its innovative, state-of-the-art software and services including planning, simulation, modeling, and design, for the aviation industry. Transoft and Skyway are pushing boundaries in academic research and development to further understand what the reality of building a vertiport will be. This will help expedite the much-needed tools for airports and private industry investments to start breaking ground on infrastructure projects globally.


We are very excited about our partnership with Skyway and the future of urban air mobility. This collaboration will leverage Transoft’s in-depth transportation, aviation, and software knowledge to further bolster the research and development in this growing area, and the value proposition it can provide to aviation professionals. – Ben van Leest, Transoft’s Senior Vice President of Aviation


TL;DR: Skyway, a navigation service provider to Urban Air Mobility (UAM) focused on autonomous aircraft, is partnering with Transoft Solutions, developers of advanced and highly specialized software solutions for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation, and operational professionals. This is big for the UAM/UTM industry.

Learn more about Transoft Solutions by visiting their website here.