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Press Releases New Partnership: TruWeather Solutions



Skyway Technologies Corp. is excited to announce TruWeather Solutions as their newest strategic partner. We are excited to combine our high-tech traffic navigation systems and weather risk management products for the new age of mobility. This partnership will work to provide a standardized protocol by which autonomous aircraft within the urban air space can operate safely and more efficiently.

TruWeather is the key solution to the question posed in our blog titled Drone Delivery: WEATHER or Not we Have Full Control. Definitely worth checking out to understand just how valuable TruWeather is to UAM solutions. Don’t worry, it’s a quick read.


Low altitude weather will be key to a safe and reliable industry, getting this right will pave the way for UAM businesses to flourish more rapidly in the U.S. Airspace. – Clifford Cruz, Skyway CEO


What We’ll Accomplish

Skyway is on a mission to provide the critical foundation for autonomous aircraft and logistical services, and TruWeather is our newest secret weapon. A leading provider of weather data analytics and innovative weather risk management products, TruWeather Solutions focuses on low-level aviation and ground transportation systems–– yeah. They speak the language of drones. Together, our mission is to create a safe, scalable infrastructure to support the millions of future airborne vehicles, and ensure a higher level of UAM operations with advanced logistical software.


We’ve Got the Backing to Make it Happen

As you may know by now, Skyway offers navigation services to Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems focused around autonomous aircraft. Accurate weather information at low altitudes will help Skyway’s highly demanded routing and emergency services be more reliable in detecting hazardous situations for aircraft. Skyway will use weather information to better serve its customer base in vertiport operations and airspace authorization for eVTOL, eSTOL, and UAV aircraft.

Founded on over 40 years of experience across the aviation, logistics, and weather industries, TruWeather has been acknowledged as an expert in setting standards for the safe operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The company provides the highest quality insights alongside excellent technical and operational forecasting support services. Their focus is on flight-time, battery life, and revenue generation per airframe— especially in edge case circumstances. TruWeather’s customized translation of real-time and predictive weather data into discrete workflow decision insights sharpens resource scheduling, planning, and mission execution resulting in safer, more productive operations and business success.

Working together, Skyway and TruWeather are on the path to becoming leaders in autonomous aircraft mobility and are looking forward to playing a part in paving the way to a fair open market UAM economy within the United States.


Skyway and TruWeather share a common thread by leading the conversation to help build a solid regulatory framework to enable safe and efficient operations. – Don Berchoff, TruWeather Solutions CEO

Quick Read

Skyway is an air traffic navigation service provider for autonomous aircraft and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems. They provide aircraft conflict resolutions, enhance adherence to federal, state, and local regulations, and provide additional emergency services as a Provider of Services for UAM (PSU).

TruWeather is a leading provider of weather data analytics and innovative weather risk management products centered on low-level aviation and ground transportation systems. With a focus on flight-time, battery life, and revenue generation per airframe, they provide high-quality insights through technical and operational forecasting support services.

For more information on our latest strategic partners, visit truweathersolutions.com.