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Press Releases New Partnership: Zing Drone Delivery

In late 2021, Skyway went to, objectively, the coolest conference in existence: CoMotion LA. The heart of all things mobility, CoMotion featured some of the most impressive mobile technologies and panel speakers from around the world–– including our very own Cliff Cruz!

Three days of geeking out about drones, flying taxis, and the future of transportation were the perfect opportunity to build meaningful relationships with some of our mobility comrades. We made connections with some of the most innovative players in the urban air game, including the peerless Zing Drone Delivery.

The urban air mobility infrastructure we build today will define the new sky economy of tomorrow. – Clifford Cruz, Skyway CEO

A Match Made in (the) Heaven(s)

Imagine getting your breakfast delivered without having to worry about your DoorDasher getting caught in traffic. Well, Zing is making that possible. An end-to-end drone delivery platform, Zing enables a pre-existing network of Part 107 licensed pilots to make deliveries using the most common consumer drones on the market. They provide autonomous flight software and transform existing DJI drones into delivery drones with their plug-and-play hardware.

Zing plans to take part in initial beta testing of the platform in Florida in order to deconflict with other drones, air taxis, and other airborne vehicles that are flying in the same vicinity. They plan to incorporate Skyway’s APIs into their proprietary autonomous flight software will enable them to add another level of safety to the Zing drone delivery platform.

Skyways air traffic control system is designed for autonomous commerce and logistical services like those provided by Zing. We provide the critical foundation required to create a fair open market economy to make drone delivery not only possible but safe and efficient. Starting with zing, our goal is to create a safe, scalable infrastructure to support the millions of potential airborne vehicles poised for flight within the next decade.

Skyway’s unique approach to route planning and air navigation will enable us to plug into the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system and deconflict with other aircraft. – Ian Annase, Zing Founder & CEO

Working Together

In case the title didn’t give it away, Skyway and Zing Drone Delivery are pleased to announce our official strategic partnership. Together, we will begin the journey of regulating protocol within the urban air mobility market and providing autonomous delivery solutions to businesses and residential users within the United States.

For more information on our newest partner, visit https://www.zingdrones.com/.