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Blog Drone Delivery: WEATHER or Not We Have Full Control


Remember the last time you were waiting for an Amazon package? Even with 24-hour delivery, waiting for an order to arrive can be agonizing! Call us spoiled by technology, but any little delay in the delivery updates could drive a person crazy.
As we continue to partner with drone and UAM businesses across the country, our goal is to make drone delivery an achievable lifestyle standard. But when strong winds and intense weather get in the way, is it even possible to regulate safe and on-time deliveries?

The Factors

Air traffic control–– getting from point A to point B––is only part of air mobility. There is so much more to be accounted for when it comes to navigating the skies. For passenger aircraft, it’s essential to have all the facts when charting a course that could last hours. For delivery aircraft that is significantly smaller, unpredictable weather could knock it out of the skies and cause hundreds of dollars of damage. Either way, a basic weather report is not going to be enough to keep our air transport safe.

Aside from basic weather disruptions, the wind is always a factor in piloting aircraft. For example, wind speeds change with increasing altitude, creating a need for aircraft technology that can adjust accordingly. These are all factors we must consider when making plans to regulate drone transportation.

With each advance we make in aerospace technology, it’s important to remember that we are guests in the sky.


Combating Mother Nature

With each advance we make in aerospace technology, it’s important to remember that we are guests in the sky. Venturing into the atmosphere is an amazing feat of human progress, but when our feet (or our drones) leave the ground, we enter nature’s jurisdiction.

Still, every law has a loophole. We got past gravity, right? On the way to our automated future, Skyway is on a mission to make connections with fellow innovators and implement advanced software that will monitor weather unlike its ever been done.